It's Your Time

We are all driven by time. Rushing from one place to another, some days time moves fast, some days time moves soo damn slow. But in the end only we can control how we feel and what the reality of time holds for us, no one else.

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Dear Human

Sometimes in our life we need that extra bit of motivation, and not from people we know but the world around us. Most of the time comes when we least expect it... Here is a letter to the world, from me to you

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Why we need International Women's Day

Let's e take a moment to appreciate the powerful, strong and courageous women in our lives who have brought us into this world. All those who have nurtured us, pushed us, broken our hearts, made us stronger and supported us through all that is life. For all that you have given us, as humans today, thank you.

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What if we were Human?

What if we did just for one our a day, something for someone else for something else. What if we donated our time for a cause, or to learn what is happening around the world in order to understand how a segment of the population feels. What if we actually sought out information instead of letting it come to us. 

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What children can teach us about love

Children teach us that love is, in its purest form, a kind of service. The word has grown freighted with negative connotations. An individualistic, self-gratifying culture cannot easily equate contentment with being at someone else’s call. We are used to loving others in return for what they can do for us...

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When was the last time that you actually stopped and stared at yourself in the mirror at your reflection.  I don't mean checking yourself out and be like "hot damn" I look good. 

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Make your own love

What does it feel like to be in Love? Ask this question to anyone and they will tell you that it is something that only you can feel. When you feel it you will know it. Or tell you a way or "formula" on how you to find love.

Challenge yourself...

We all have our view of the world, of what is happening and how things should play out. What is good and what is bad. What is working and what is not. Even if we don't feel we do it is there...

When was the last time your view of the world was challenged?

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Why worry?

Humans, no matter where we are and what we do we worry. We worry about the future, worry about the people around us, some of us worry if we have enough money to pay the bills, if our job is secure, if our relationship is going somewhere, or if we will even find someone. What if you could change all that?

Life goes on

One thing that I have noticed is that we as a human society are quite resilient in ourselves we move things back and forth sometimes repeating our mistakes and yet we do somehow keep progressing forward.

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Life as an Experiment

Experiment, a word usually brings an image of a person with a lab coat or a scientist in a lab with a whole range of instruments around them attempting to prove something. What if life was treated as an experiment?

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 Peace is important, it is vital for us to continue moving forward and yet we as humans don’t seem to realise this (all the time). But what can we actually do as individuals?

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Adult vs Child

In society where we differentiate between being an adult and being a child in various ways, we fall into the trap of using immature and childish as the same, is there really a difference to make a distinction between an adult and a child in a person? 

Be Alive

We all seem quite focused on staying alive, and staying young (well at least looking young apparently..). Exercising to stay healthy, beauty creams to look young, plastic surgery and many others to keep our bodies alive and as 'healthy' as we can.

Explore your city

When was the last time that you had the urge or wanted to go explore your own city that you lived in? Your state, your country? I know a few years back if I was asked this I would be like, why would I want to put effort into this right now, I live here I can do it anytime I want.