Adult vs Child


In society where we differentiate between being an adult and being a child in various ways, we fall into the trap of using immature and childish as the same, is there really a difference to make a distinction between an adult and a child in a person? We do already in society, the first and most common is by physical age, the number of years you have been alive for. An adult in some countries is classed as over 18 and 21 in others, whereas other countries or cultures you need to go through some form of ritual to pass through to the adult stage of 'womanhood' or 'manhood'. The second is how one acts or behaves, how 'mature' they are. But the questions begs is what is actually the difference between being an adult and child. Does one just tend to 'grow up' or be 'more serious' or get caught up in their own bubble, closed off from life experiences that they forget how to see the world in curious eyes, they forget how to bounce back from life's obstacles and challenges.

The reason I say this is you can see the quotes floating around the web such as 'The creative adult is the child who survived' or 'Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the f&#k happened.'

When we where younger we saw the world differently, didn't really mind who judged us and we laughed and cried, felt pain, got hurt but mostly bounced back and kept going. Fast forward a few years and now look at yourself and reflect and see what has changed now and why...

Why do we care about what think of us so much? Why do we not get over things as easily as when we where kids? Yes maybe compared to the things we felt when we where younger it does not seem to compare to, or stack up against how these 'adult' feelings feel. but when you look back and actually remember all that we felt when we where children it still felt big, but we still moved on and got over it.

We go through life and each chapter we turn we get more responsibility with working, paying bills, having a partner, creating and having a family, but does that need to change how you see the world? How can you keep your energy and spark that you had when you where younger and channel it through to now.

Stop closing yourself, feel pain, embrace it, be aware that it is there and move on from it. Pain is what makes us real.

See the world with new eyes everyday, be curious, enjoy every minute no matter what you are doing or feeling. Do not be a child, do not be an adult, be human, because after all that is truly who we are...human, the rest is just semantics.

I am still a child at heart and that will never go away :)