Are you a 'comma' or a 'fullstop'


Are you a comma or a fullstop? This type of question may be meaningless to some and to others this may resonate deeply.

Take a minute to think back, do you shoot ideas down, stop things from happening because you are unsure of something. Has there been a dream which you have not fulfilled, a dream which you have always wanted to do, but now are hindered by your own self from accomplishing it?

When was the last time you said no to something because you where not comfortable with it, not confident with it and/or did not really trust what was goin on?

This can happen quite unconsciously to us as we are so used to just saying no to things, even if the reason is as simple as I don't want to do it, I am too lazy, or I don't understand.

Or are you the type of person that says; that sounds like a good idea; or even better if; building on it and still achieving the desired outcome.

It sounds so simple, and so pointless but take a minute to stop and think about the decisions you took today, what role did you play in the decision making process, did it affect anyone, how did it affect you, and did you fully understand the decision that you made?

What role would you rather play, the 'comma' or 'fullstop'?