Are you alive?

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Sometimes do you just sit and wonder, what type of world do we live in? Why do we work all the time? What is our purpose? (and for that fact is there even a purpose?) Is it just to keep the lights on and eat food and have 'things', to what end?

We grow up, we learn 'stuff', then we work, and then we retire (if we are alive). All throughout the time we spend money and it is an endless loop. We pay for something so someone else can enjoy paying for something again later. and it just continues and continues. 

Does it ever end? What if we all stopped working for money (or some form of payment)? What if everything was free? What if there was no greed, no thirst for power. We just all got along, we all lived, like actually lived and enjoyed the life that the world, and each of us create and make for each other.

What if we actually explored, we spent time learning and advancing our species as a whole. What if we spent time properly exercising our brain? Who knows but maybe, just maybe what if we actually don't know how to live....yet?