Be Alive

Be Here

We all seem quite focused on staying alive, and staying young (well at least looking young apparently..). Exercising to stay healthy, beauty creams to look young, plastic surgery and many others to keep our bodies alive and as 'healthy' as we can. Though sometimes one can think or perceive that people forget that at the end we all die anyway.

What I mean to say is that we are born into this world and do what we came to do (whatever it may be), and then we move on, thats it. It's very interesting to observe that when we bring someone into the world, we are all happy and excited (well mostly), but then when someone dies we mourn, cry, scream out to god (if one believes), and end up thinking why must this person die, why now, why not later wanting them to live that little bit more... We forget that passing on (dying) is part of life, the part that we don't talk about much a topic that is avoided.

In an attempt to flip the script, shouldn't a person passing on be celebrated? In some cultures there is a wake when someone passes away, to celebrate their life and what they have done and achieved. In others it is a number of days of mourning, praying to help the persons spirit pass over to the 'otherside' whatever that may be, or just passing away and thats that.

We all will die and that is fact, so why don't we actually live like we will die tomorrow, how come we keep putting things off for a rainy day.

Let me ask you a question, if you died today, would die happy with no regrets? If the answer is no then let me ask you this..what are you doing? 

It is a fact that we will all die, there is no escaping it. Some of us (a very small few) may feel when we will die, however for the majority of us we have no idea. So what is stopping you from living your life as if you will die tomorrow?

Don't get me wrong plan for the future but live in the now. Embrace the fact that you will one day not be on this planet, once you do and realise this you may find that you will actually start to cherish life more and live in the present taking everything in for what it really is.