Challenge yourself...

We all have our view of the world, of what is happening and how things should play out. What is good and what is bad. What is working and what is not. Even if we don't feel we do it is there...

When was the last time your view of the world was challenged?

Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to host a YouthSpeak forum event in Stockholm where we focused on how to fix the Swedish Education system, related to the Sustainable Development Goal 4 (Quality Education).

So you may be asking, what is actually wrong with the education system here. Sweden ranks high on the quality of life index so why does this apply there...

I asked the question to the attendees of this forum "How do you feel about the Swedish Education System?". 

As expected everyone thought the education system in Sweden was great, "inclusive, reality-related, cross culture" plus more. Some of the delegates even argued that there was nothing really wrong with the system... and yes they where in it.

Over the course of the next few hours we dove deep into statistics from the OECD reports and other studies along with a panel of speakers who gave more insights into what the reality was Sweden and how this affects graduates post studying. I am not going to lie, the delegates where driven to reflect on their reality of and became more aware of the issues being faced, they came with an open mind and that was crucial.

This in itself is the power of challenging your view, being open to what is out there, not being blindsided and thinking you know it all.

So back to the question, when was the last time your view of the world was challenged? A few days ago, a week, a month or even a while longer ago?

Let us look at the world as whole, humans suck, we suck the life out of the world, and out of each other, (I did say overall).  There are groups of people who are driving change for the better and this is continuously growing. Not just in developed countries but in all countries around the world. Humans are 'waking up' to what is happening around them. Brexit and the latest US elections are definitely two major events in the world which 'woke up' a large percentage of the population.

A lot of what is happening in the world is because we blindly believe, we believe in ourselves what we are told and hold on to that belief so strongly that anything that goes against it, or could even tarnish that belief we ignore, or treat it as a one off and be like, no ok its not always like this. This is built right into our DNA, our psychology of being human, and for us as a human species to save ourselves and the world we need to evolve. We need to challenge ourselves, but the most important of all, we need to continuously keep our mind open.


  1. Talk to people with opposing views as yours. (Don't push your view down on them but listen and see where they are coming from, and share with them your view and your why).
  2. Read, read things from opposite arguments find your trusted news sites and continuously check their trustworthiness every so often.
  3. Be open to feeling uncomfortable. 
  4. Be open to feeling challenged on what you believe in. 
  5. Most of all understand that everyone has a different view and more likely or not it is because of what they have seen and experienced before they have even met you.
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