Don't Waste Energy


Fewer belongings means we have fewer possessions to worry about. There once was a wealthy young man, who had anything he ever dreamed of. So many expensive things, and he was afraid of losing them. His material possessions. Much of his energy was actually just spent on protecting his possessions and trophies instead of actually enjoying them and the life that he had. Don't waste your energy on protecting your trophies and possessions, enjoy them, use them, they are only material objects, don't waste your energy on things things that don't give you fulfilment.

If you want to have more enjoyment in your life, enjoy what you have. It is said that in order to live the life you love, you have to love the life you have.

We don’t have to seek beyond ourselves in order to find happiness. No one person has everything they want; but we all have things around us worth enjoying. So focus on those things and enjoy them!