Explore your city


When was the last time that you had the urge or wanted to go explore your own city that you lived in? Your state, your country? I know a few years back if I was asked this I would be like, why would I want to put effort into this right now, I live here I can do it anytime I want. 

There is a whole world to go discover and experience, I want to do that rather than the place I am living in now. A few years and 35+ countries later, I have realised that each country I landed in I would always want to explore as much as I could, finding out as much information, searching out the hidden treasures of the place I was visiting and experience living like the locals. Each and every country I visited was like that!

Nearly all of the places I visited I met locals, or already had friends there which was great. However one of the most common occurrences in each place I visited was that the people living there did not explore as much of their own city/country as I was doing. At first this really shocked me, I was thinking how can you live here and not know your own city better than a person who is just here for a few weeks and travelling around!

It got me thinking about myself, and my thoughts on exploring and travelling around my own city and country... I don't know how to put it, maybe we are just to conditioned and comfortable with where we are living and 'know everything' there is to know about our home town.

I came back to the place where I grew up after being away for over two years with a new appreciation and also sense of exploration and wanting to discover everything that the place I live in has to offer! It got me to thinking, how come I only felt like this after I had travelled and come back, why is it that we don't feel the need to explore the place we grow up in as much as we feel the need to explore other cities and countries in the world.

Just something to think about... If you are reading this I challenge you to go explore and discover something new about the town you are living in, you just may be surprised!