Go find yourself

Get lost

Have you had this feeling of intentionally getting lost in life? It sounds quite silly no? You know there can come a time in your life when you will have a vague feeling what you want to do, where you want to go, and what your life means. This could be from not knowing anything at all to knowing lots, and then not knowing how to take it further. Or it could be as simple as values disalignment with your life and what you believe in, be it work, social, family.

There are many feelings of becoming lost... But what does this mean and what does it feel to be lost, it is one of those feelings that you need to experience to know how it feels. Those lucky/or unlucky enough not to have experienced this yet, may have a feeling of not knowing what to do, where to go, your life is on autopilot and it makes no sense but you don't know or want to disengage, just to give u an idea...

Getting lost is the easy part because more often than not we don't know we are 'getting lost' until it hits us and we go oh *%#*@!

When you are lost the you can either keep running around in circles or can look for the pathway and start making your way forward, however it's not the most easiest thing to do. One may feel too comfortable in the lost state, can be too scared to break out and just stick to the status quo. One of the biggest things to actually do when lost is to be aware of it and acknowledge that you are lost.

From here on out the road is tough but also very rewarding as you slowly work your way out and begin to re-affirm yourself finding yourself (again) and you start to notice the differences. The road is long and hard, its definitely not easy, but once you are on the way it is truely worthwhile. The best things are never easy to come by right ;).