What if we were Human?

What if we did just for one our a day, something for someone else for something else. What if we donated our time for a cause, or to learn what is happening around the world in order to understand how a segment of the population feels. What if we actually sought out information instead of letting it come to us. What if we questioned.

What if we just did more than go to work come home talk to our friends family, eat and repeated this. What if we taught our kids that there was more to life than money and looking good. What if we threw judgment out the window and actually cared. Cared for each other for the stranger. What if we didn’t cheat other people. What if we didn’t rob people to make a quick buck. What if there was not a need to make a quick buck. What if the world was kinder. What if we actually understood what we are doing, what we are contributing. What if we worked for a cause. Just want if...

What if we thought more than just about ourselves and earning money. Regardless of how much you earn or what your status or living standard is donating your time is something everyone can give. For the greater good of humanity, for us to actually feel and interact and understand. To live as a community and a group.

Who knows, maybe it’s just a dream and we are destined to become a large consumeristic society who wants the next best thing and believes everything that we are told…just maybe.

Aniel BhagaComment