Why we need International Women's Day

Hope for Equality

Let's take a moment to appreciate the powerful, strong and courageous women in our lives who have brought us into this world. All those who have nurtured us, pushed us, broken our hearts, made us stronger and supported us through all that is life. For all that you have given us, as humans today, thank you.

This is not just for us males but also for the women, children around the world. We each have influential people in our lives starting from our parents and close family who have helped raise us. To our school teachers, our elders, university lecturers, our first crush, first born, to our siblings.

Each and every one of them have had an impact big and small, and today is not just about those women who all throughout our lives have done great things to bring us to where we are today. But also for those who are continuously moving society forward, who are pushing themselves and their loved ones forward to make a better world for today. No matter who you are we all owe part of us being here to the women both young and old in our lives.

Why we should we take time out of our lives for the women in the world, do we really need a day for this? Or is this something that we should build into our habits and way of thinking. We should honestly not need to wait for today to celebrate women and what they can do. It goes to show that we, as a society need to be more inclusive and equal of how we treat each other.

So until we have this equality this day is needed to raise awareness and help shift the balance not from men to women but to both equally. We each together have the ability and power to shape how the world around us is, thinks and acts. How we treat the opposite sex, do we discriminate based on other personal attributes as well?

The world does need more women in power, it does need more balance. So in 2017 here is to you the women of the world young and old, make your impact, make your voice heard because I know for a fact right next to you there are a whole lot of males also fighting with you for equality and equal voice.

Aniel BhagaComment