Life as an Experiment

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Experiment, a word usually brings an image of a person with a lab coat or a scientist in a lab with a whole range of instruments around them attempting to prove something. What if life was treated as an experiment?

Life, a series of events occurring one after each other or all together at once.  Most of us at one point our life usually go through one or many times in which we regret, or where we want to go back and re-live or times which we have no idea what we where doing.

Just like you I have had all these experiences, and they are still happening (that's part of life right?).  Over the past years I have moved into viewing life as a series of experiments, some fail and others succeed and there are always the ones where you go "what the!".

When it comes to meeting new people, starting a new role, making a choice to do go out, start something new, or even cooking (yes this is most of the time experimental!).  It helped me frame how I look at life and also continuously allows me to keep a positive and happy outlook on life.

I would like to share with you my usual thought process for looking at what I do:

For each decision 

  1. What do I want to get out of it?
  2. How long shall I experiment with this for?
  3. Run with it and have fun and observe the learnings in the process.
  4. After a period of time take a moment to review, did it go well, not so well, what are the learnings.
  5. Can I re-apply these learnings to other areas of my life.
  6. Re-iterate again (if needed).

I have used this way of thinking from jobs, friends, cooking, travelling and other  areas in my life and it has worked in many ways. There are of course going to be some areas in life in where it will be a bit more difficult to apply I am sure, however you can always tweak it.

I hope that you can use this and it can help you view life in a more fun and learning way. In the end we are all here to grow and evolve right?

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