Life goes on


The USA now has a new president and for the last few weeks or even months the world has been waiting in anticipation (or should I say the media has been portraying that the world has been waiting in anticipation) on who would be the new president of the United states. Some saying that country will either go back 50 years or they will be moving forward (also thanks to the media in showing us what to think...). Either way no matter what force or thought is put on this in a few months we will come to some sort of normality again and the world will keep spinning and we as humans will have another thing to take our focus on.

We put soo much emphasis on certain things such as this election just as in Europe we focused a lot on Britain leaving the EU and we talked about it a lot however then the people that will be looking after it and moving it forward are the ones talking about it now and the rest of the general population are continuing on with their daily lives and worrying about the next thing coming.

The exact same will happen to the US elections. Yes there will be some changesbased on President Trump,  however overall we will still be moving forward. 

One thing that I have noticed is that we as a human society are quite resilient in ourselves we move things back and forth sometimes repeating our mistakes and yet we do somehow keep progressing forward. Bit by bit, slowed down by greed and selfishness and all these things but still we move forward.

So honestly don't worry too much about the world it is quite resilient, more than you know. Focus on developing yourself more. Becoming a better human and contribute to your society around you. Make your difference your way. Things that are beyond your control don't give up but also realise yourself is that actually worthwhile putting in resource and effort into. Or is there something more beneficial you can be doing to move yourself and those around you forward.

Whatever happens in the world it keeps spinning life goes on. We live and we die, we make our impact. 

Aniel BhagaComment