Love, What is it to you?

Let's talk about love, not just the love in terms of two humans saying I love you and being together forever. But love you to your friends, your family, your partner and those around you. Do you tell them that you love them? When I started this it was quite strange for a few people especially my female friends who thought I was hitting on them (I promise you I wasn't). Over time though it became easier and was understood by everyone around me.

I know this word carries a lot of meaning, across all different cultures, it's a word which when translated we can all understand. Yet it is a word for some which is not as easy to say compared to others. Love can be defined as many things with the most general being an intense feeling or affection.

Love from my experience and understanding comes in many different forms. The love you have for your parents, the love you have for your partner, the love you have for your friends, and then there is another type of love which does not fit into any category but it is there. (there may be many different other types to).

So with the many different types of love how hard is it to say I love you to someone. Yes we can say it to our parents, and they to us, to our siblings, to our partners, and to our friends. But the question is how often do you say "I love you". Is it weird to say it to your parents, to your kids, to your siblings to your partner, or to your friends?  If you find it weird in any of these (or other) relationships I would like you to ask yourself why is it weird for you.

I get it that maybe two male friends saying I love you in some societies is just strange, but what about in your family, with your partners. Love is not something we should take for granted and expect people to know that we love them, it is also not something that is the same for everyone. We all in our different relationships love each other differently.

We say we like our friends, but isn't liking someone just a form of love. Don't we care for them, look out for them if something happens and also enjoying being in their company? Don't we have a feeling for them, or affection for them, it may not be super intense but the feeling is there. It still is love, just a different type.

We label our relationships a lot adding many differenttypes of liking, loving, lust whatever we do, but in the end it all boils down to different levels of affection and feelings.

We as humans like to know that we are loved. People can take it the wrong as well when you say I love you, but take a minute to share with them the type of love it is and how you see it. Take time to tell the people that you love them, cherish the people in your life and those that love you, seek to understand your love and the love that people have for you.

The world needs more love and we all have lots of love to give, we just don't take the time to tell people that we love them in our own special way. I dare you to share your love and how you feel.