Make your own love

Make your own love

What does it feel like to be in Love? Ask this question to anyone and they will tell you that it is something that only you can feel. When you feel it you will know it. Or tell you a way or "formula" on how you to find love.

No matter what each person shares with you, they are coming from their perspective and their worldview. Which can be totally different or similar to your own, but it is different, and this is one thing that we seem to forget. We are chasing this thing, that we need to have someone to love (well most of us are anyway), we are looking for our soul mate, our one partner that we can settle down with. 

I want to share something with you, something which I have learnt over my time on this earth, learning about love, opening up my heart to love and also listening to many many people from around the world talking about love, and how to find it, and hold on to it, and cherish it.

Love,  is something that cannot be defined and set in stone for the whole world to agree on. Yes, we can agree on a few points here and there but still there is no set formula and this is something I have come to realise. It is something that you and only you can feel, the true essence of it deep inside you resonating. For you, it can be similar or completely different from the person next to you.

Love, it comes in many forms. When someone tells you this is what love is, and how to find it, and then you try to follow it and find what they say love is you will never find love for yourself. You will find an imitation of what you think love is.

Be your own person find your love experience the life that you have and make it your own. Make your own love.