That person in the Mirror

When was the last time that you looked at yourself in the mirror? Not like a quick glance to make sure everything is order but like really looked?

Go on take a moment,  go look at yourself in the mirror, start with your neck and look how it is connected to your body, it holds that massive processor called your brain on top of your body and is that vital connection to make everything work.

Now move to your chin how look at your chin look it's the start of your face now move your eyes up to your lips. Smile a little and look how everything changes on your face those happiness dimples and lines. Yes it's ok to have these don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. See how your lips and area around your mouth move how everything is connected.

Keep breathing nice and deep and notice your nostrils every so slightly rising and falling with each breath. That breath keeping you alive you can feel your body moving every so slightly with each breath you take.

Now move your eyes and look into yourself, into your own eyes. Just sit there for a moment and see the beauty that is created in your eyes. How everything is formed how it all just works now look deeper beyond your eye into your self. The world inside your eyes, that my dear friend is you, you being alive at this point in time. All the moments you have had, all filled with emotions and experiences you have taken it all and lived through it and you are here now. This is you the beautiful you don't ever forget this and never be afraid to show this to the world. Go and be you...

Aniel BhagaComment