One Day...


We all have a dream of our future, don't we? Of what we want to do? In your near future, far future, or if it is at all possible? Do you keep telling yourself you will get there one day?

The question I have to you is, do you believe that you will reach your "one day"?

We live in a world of many things, of rich and poor, of sad and happy, of love and despair each one with its opposite.  We are always dreaming of an interesting and bright future of our own, of what we want to do.

Some of us go out and achieve it, for many reasons. Good on you! I want to talk to those who keep dreaming of their dream, their 'one day' and just hoping somehow that it will magically fall on their lap... Is this is to you? I used to be like this and getting to where I am hasn't been easy but at the same time it has brought me many lessons which I want to share. I believe that you can make your "one day". The first one is to give yourself a kick and reflect on your thoughts and what you tell yourself each day.

You the person who feels that life has given you the short end of the stick. You who feel that nothing can ever go right. You that has the dream to change something but hasn't found the right time. You who has no time to chase your dreams. You who thinks people will think of you differently. You who has many excuses. You who is still dreaming of your one day...

Why dream, if not to bring your dream to life? What is this dream of yours and do you really want it to remain a dream? Don't you want to fulfil your dream and make it happen so you can dream again and fulfil it and do it again?

I know it is easy to say and for some it will feel harder to do, but then if you don't start with yourself and work towards it who else is going to do it for you? If you don't like where you are, change it. If you don't like who you are, change it. As the late Michael Jackson says in his song Man in the Mirror "Take a look at yourself and make that change." Make that change to make your dream come true.

Make it happen, bring your "One Day" to life.