When was the last time that you actually stopped and stared at yourself in the mirror at your reflection.  I don't mean checking yourself out and be like "hot damn" I look good. But actually taking the moment to look inside your own eyes, at your own face taking in each pore each strand of hair and really looking.

Take a trip down memory lane, look at all the marks on your skin and going deep into the memories and choices that have left a mark on you externally and internally.

You don't even have to talk, though sometimes it can feel good just to talk to yourself and watch yourself change, your pupils dilate or contract, your nose twitch your mouth move and then somehow, sometimes you end up smiling at yourself.

Think of yourself, realising how great you are and how you have actually got to this place. Wherever it may be, you made it. You got this far and you have a life in front of you waiting. Waiting for you to take the chance and seize it.

Sometimes we all need that little boost, that boost from ourself. To understand allows us to move ourselves forward in more ways than we could imagine.

So go on, get up and go look at your relfection, it's only you looking back!

Aniel BhagaComment