Ripples of Choice

Ripples of Choice

Life...It is not so simple all the time, it can be super overwhelming with all the choices you make the responsibilities that you take on and additionally all the unexpected things that can or will happen. It's crazy, and some people can crash and burn, some crumble and others pull through, keep going and make it to 'the other side'

It's interesting that when we make choices they are can be taken from our gut, our instinct or after a careful deliberation or a mix of both, it could even be just because someone says to do it. Everything we do is a choice, we can just be on autopilot and trust whatever happens to us is the best that could be and that is our 'fate' or we can take it and live our life instead of our life living us.

Just as a splash of water creates ripples, ripples that spread out and bounce off other objects going in all directions and sometimes coming back and passing over the centre again. This is how choices are in our lives, each thing we do, each moment we make a decision sends ripples out, and sometimes they come back to us, like making the decision not to clean the sink, you come home in the evening and its filled with ants.... This is just an example (and yes it happened),  there are many other instances in your life where this happens good and bad all based on the decisions we make.

For every decison, choice you make it has consequences and actions, sometimes you may not think about what happpens or even reflect on what decisions and choices brought you this very spot in your life. Think about what decisions throughout the whole day brought you to this spot right now to be reading this today. It all led up to this and who knows where your decisions will take you next, only you do and only you can define it, no-one else.

So next time ur overwhelmed or in a pickle and feel like crumbling, always remember that you have a choice to either let your life live through you, or you live your life and make a different splash.