Routine is Lethal

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If you think Adventure is Dangerous – Try Routine…It is Lethal

Do you ever notice that as you get older that life seems to move much faster? As a child, we can vividly remember distinct events over the summer when we were twelve years old.  Or that summer we spent away at camp and all of the adventures we had there. As we get older, we develop routines – we go to work, the gym, our favourite restaurant. We order our favourite entree, go to our favourite movie theatre, and run along our favourite path. All the while, life seems to be passing by faster and faster. “Gosh, my 20th high-school reunion is next week!”

There is a reason that life seems to move faster in adult lives, but you may be surprised to learn that it has nothing to do with age. When we are children, we are seeing the world anew with each experience. We explore the other side of the railroad tracks, play new neighbourhood games with local kids, and are on constant lookout for experiencing something new. Each new experience creates a mark in our lifetimes that is registered as a memory in our minds. The more new experiences, the more memories we have of our life.

As we get older and enter the workforce, life tends to turn into a routine. We take the same route to work, go through the same routine at the gym, get our coffee at the same coffee shop from the same clerk. While routines can provide a level of comfort, they also fail to create unique memories. Days, weeks, months, even years all flow together into a single memory, giving us the uneasy and anxious feeling that we are not really living the life we were meant to live.

Creating unique memories from new experiences is the method by which we can slow our life down. By taking a new route to work, trying out new restaurants, meeting new people, going to meetup events and, in general, seeking to have new experiences, each of us can begin to feel as though we are truly living and memorable life. One way to do this is to simply start saying yes to opportunities that come your way. If a new acquaintance invites you to dinner, say yes. If a co-worker asks you to join them at a networking event, say yes. Take advantage of opportunities to have new and unique experiences. By doing so, you will create memories that give you the feeling that life isn’t just passing by allowing you to live more of it.

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