Say Hello...

Say Hello

There comes  a time in our lives when we realise that something happens for  a reason, it could just be meeting someone, having plans fail and then re-adjusting them a small conversation just to name a few.

This happened to me today when a lovely aged lady came in by the name of Carol.

She is an amazing go getter, who loved life and the earth and everything around her. She holds her values dear to her and is fully in touch with her human side, well grounded and full of stories and knowledge!

We had an amazing conversation around this topics and how society as a whole needs to be more connected back to the earth and to the human side of life rather than just focus on the money and greed and materialistic things. Brought up Paulo Coelho and other various writers.

To be honest it was one of the most refreshing conversations which I have had a for the past months and it is really nice to speak to people like this. It gave me a gentle reminder of how to keep being human.

Carol we may not meet again, but thank you for a very inspiring conversation.