To live is to dance..

"To live is to be alive is to explore"

Now just take a moment...let it sink in...the full meaning of it.

What does it mean? Is exploring and being alive more higher up on the scale than to live? What does it mean to dance and explore? Isn't dancing just some form of movement or does it go deeper and mean much much more than we see it to mean.

We are in this world, a part of an intricate dance so to speak a dance with everyone else in the world around us, some of us call it society, the 'real world', call it whatever you want.

To live is to be part of this 'dance', not just by being in it, but by actually taking part in and dancing to your own beat and style. Being able to truly live is when you are true with yourself and able to trust yourself, understand yourself and be comfortable in all that you do.

So then from this being alive is to explore this world, your world, yourself, your mind, learn from it, discover and incorporate this into your 'dance', because your dance, each and everyone of your dance's  is ever changing, ever evolving as you move through this life. You learn new steps, improve on current ones, drop ones that where not useful and explore the meaning behind each dance while understanding the meaning behind your own moves.

To live is to be alive and to be alive is to explore and we are all alive through our dance in this life we live now, whether we know it or not.