What is truth?


Have you ever found yourself telling little white lies, or even large lies to make you sound better, bigger, or more than you actually are. Or to give a false impression of yourself? By doing this as I have seen it happen to a few people close to me, they actually created a more confusing lifestyle trying to hide who they really are to people they so call cared about. It created quite a complicated lifestyle.

Why would you want to do this? Are you that ashamed of yourself or that needing to be part of the group that you feel they won't accept you for who you actually are. And then you end up not accepting yourself for who you are and paint a different view of yourself.

It doesn't match up, doesn't add up and in the end has only short term rewards...

Be truthful not just to the people around you, but first to yourself, be aware of yourself, what you are, and if you don't like were are in life then CHANGE IT, don't tell people something that you are not, because guaranteed it will backfire on you.

Because if you can't accept yourself and be truthful to yourself how can you expect other people to?