What is your life worth?

Measure Life

One of my friends recently asked me this question, which made me stop and think. The question of "How would you measure a life's worth?". What's soo interesting about this is you can come at from many different angles with many different questions. Here are just a few which popped into my mind; How long have you lived? How many kids do you have? How many close friends do you have? What have you achieved in your life? What have you learnt? What will people remember you for?

Which brings into light the meta question of, can you actually measure a life's worth? Or for that matter why would you want to do this.

Given that we are humans and all around us we quantify and label most things in our life and run our life around some sort of structure, we want to see what our life is worth, to feel some sort of satisfaction of being present on this earth, (or at least most of us would). 

We quantify time down to the nano second and even more so, we live and breathe so many cubic litres of air, we eat so many kilograms of food, we interact and affect so many number of people around us and we keep doing this day in, day out, year in year out from the day we are born.

Our life, your life has meaning and purpose in this connected world that we live in (and I don't mean connected online). As I was writing this post, I came across this line:

"Like everyone around you, you have this one special thing you are born for, one special thing to do in this life, which contributes to the balance and wellbeing of this life"

You can disagree or agree with it however you chose but in the end we are all here for a period of time and even though we may want to measure a life's worth we should be out creating moments to enjoy, to live, interact and leave our mark on this planet either big or small.

So go and enjoy, go live and go make your life worthwhile, not for anyone else but for yourself, because  it is only you that matters, and only you that will benefit from it.