Why worry?

Humans, no matter where we are and what we do we worry. We worry about the future, worry about the people around us, some of us worry if we have enough money to pay the bills, if our job is secure, if our relationship is going somewhere, or if we will even find someone.

We worry, it's in our DNA. But why? Why do we drive ourselves crazy, why do we feel we need to control or at least try to believe that we have some control of what is happening around us, or to us so we cannot worry. No matter what we do or how many things are working out, we worry.

Have you ever been in a situation where everything was just going well and then in the back of your head you have this feeling that oh crap, something bad must be coming soon, this good run cannot be going on. I know i have and its a sucky feeling. 

So how do you get over it? Well the simple way is to don't worry about worrying. HA! It's not really about not worrying but more about focused worrying. Worry about things you can control and not about the things you cant control. 

Do you worry too much? Or would you like to reduce your 'worrying'? I have myself been through this and have put in a simple practice which helps and calms my mind into believing that everything is under control (well I believe it is, some people don't believe me  😋)

Let's look at problem X. It can go either a good way, a bad way or somewhere in between. You are worrying about it if it will go in a way that is not good. 

  1. Break the problem down into possible outcomes both good and bad.
  2. Thank about your plan of action for the possible 3 (or up to 5) plausible outcomes.
  3. As you come up with possible solutions write them down either in a notepad or somewhere you can retrieve it easily.
  4. Once the situation arises for problem X and something happens or changes revisit what you wrote and take a course of action or revise your action.
  5. Then move on.

We keep these issues in our head and it continues to drive us crazy, how things are, how people perceive us, if we did good or if we didn't do good. For most of the things, we have already made a choice and acted so why worry about it. It's done it's over, move on work on your potential solutions and then free your mind.

I guarantee you once you have followed this process a few times your mind will be a lot more clear and free and happier.

If you have other ways on how to reduce your worrying drop them in the comments below so we can all learn and grow together.