It's Your Time

Have you ever felt that things just don’t seem to be going at the same speed in your life? How a day feels like a year, or that a year feels like an hour. Our perception of time in itself is quite bizarre. 

When you actually look at time it is a construct created by us humans, to put some sort of resemblance or structure into our lives right now... we use time as a basis to calculate many things so we all 'speak the same language' but in reality we all feel time very differently. Our perception is soo different based on who we are and what we are doing. Our perception of time changes all the time depending on what we are doing, where are are and how engaged we are in the activity at hand. And we all believe that what we see what we perceive we believe it to be real and that everyone else is experiencing the same thing as well.

Let me tell you they are not. They are in their on bubble, in their own time-space, sometimes the feeling of an hour, minute day, year will be the same and sometimes not. When we understand that the feeling is different we can begin to understand more about each other. Because in the end, what we perceive, we believe and what we believe shapes our reality…

Aniel Bhaga1 Comment